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Sunday, October 28, 2007

You can't teach an old dog new tricks...

Check this out:

This is an interesting video. The old Catholic man will never be able to see the reality as to why this ad was put together. The man claims "you have no right to mock my religion in a blasphemous way." I was at one time a religious person, so I understand the conviction that this man has with his defending it. However, he is not taking into account the fact that his religion preaches to the world that homosexuality is evil. Think about this. If someone hates you or preaches to the world that you are evil, you are going to react to that. Usually it is a negative reaction too. It's the same concept of black people hating the KKK. Gay people have every right to not respect the Catholic religion just as black people have every right to hate the KKK. In 50 years, we are going to look back at the homosexual discrimination and think of it in the same light as we do racism. If you call yourself a God fearing Christian that's great, but please don't be afraid to question what you have been told. Just because the Bible says that something is wrong or right doesn't mean that it is. The Bible was written by man, and has been translated time and time again for thousands of years. We all need to look into our own hearts and think for ourselves. Take every side into account and put yourself in both shoes of every confrontation. No one is perfect, but our imperfections are what make us who we are. We are all human, whether you are gay, straight, black, white, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, American, or from any other country. My point is, to love one another and let go of prejudice that separates us all. If you hate gay people, then you are no better than a KKK member. And KKK members are real pieces of shit!

On another note, it is a widely known fact that Fox news is a Christian conservative organization. The title of the story was “Catholic Bashing? Poster called ‘hate speech.’” This automatically implies that the church is the good guy because they are being attacked. If the story would have been presented as “Gays responding to Catholic Church’s position on Homosexuality” it would have changed the way you view the situation, and possibly your opinion of it. The fact that they tried to imply that gays were practicing “hate speech” is pretty ironic. It’s really the other way around. Also, listen to the level of the microphones when the two are arguing. When the Christian man raises his voice, he completely overrides the gay man to the point you can barely hear him. They do this on purpose. It’s the same thing that Bill O’reily does with his guests. You are more likely to listen and agree with the louder person than the person who is softer. This is basic psychology. Also, the fact that the Christian man is in the Fox news studio gives off a sense that he is the “right” one.

I’m curious as to what your opinions are of this.
- Jon

P.S - Here's another video about the same thing

Fox news is dodging the real issue. It's ok for Catholics to preach against gays, but not the other way around. Also, once you get past the slanted story, they interview a priest. This guy is obviously gay himself and in complete denial. Out of fear he hates his own kind. Sad.


megan said...

"Catholics won't accept apology."
That's one way to not solve the problem. They believe they are right about everything but then they go around asking this group to apologize. Even though they won't accept it. How ironic.

Resa said...

It seems ironic that a country that insists that it was founded for the freedom of religion is attempting to gain political control over the strictly religious concept of marriage.

Things like this remind me why I don't like organized religion, or at least when people agree to everything a religion tells them to without questioning.

Anonymous said...

But its only natural to fear what you don't know. Of course there's tons of people that hate gay people. There's also tons of people that hate Jews, Muslims, Native americans, etc, its just the way it is. You fear (or don't like) what you don't understand; for example, I don't understand how a dude can want to be with another dude. It's just not natural. I'm not saying it's right to be a hater, but you can't really help it. Anyway, I agree with you about how we have to all just get over it and get along with each other. I mean you can disagree with the way someone lives they're life, and still work things out, and get things done together. It's just that they're so open about it. That they're openly taunting the church was just asking for a controversy. I don't like the Catholic church, I don't like “empires” of any sort, and its up to everyone to make up their own minds, you can't let the church decide what you think. But there's certain things that you just don't do, and that whole thing was just that, blasphemous.
Anyway, nice blogs, you're quite a thinker, which is a good thing.
btw, I love your music. esp. Ganster Baby :-) You guys are great live.
p.s. You should check out this site, You might learn somethin bout yourself. Its kind of fun. They're just little tests you take.