Rocking out

Rocking out
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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hold on to your dreams...

Hey everybody I don’t have much time to write, but here is something that I think is pretty cool. Back in the day when I was in early high school I was obsessed with music. The Ataris were one of my favorite bands. In fact my “lucky” red shirt was an Ataris shirt that I still have. I bragged to all of my friends one year that I accidentally got back stage at warped tour (I was like 15 or so) and got the bassist of the Ataris to sign my shirt. That was my claim to fame… Now I know it was a lame claim to fame. Anyway I think I’m going to bring that shirt and have the guys sign it when I play the show with them tomorrow. Just for old times sake… If I would have gone back to my 15 year old self and said “your band is going to open for the Ataris” I would have probably shit my pants. So my point with this message is to say how grateful I am for all of the opportunities that are coming my way. If you are still around that age, and things seem impossible to do, think again. Anything is possible, and if you put your heart into it, things will happen. I’ll see you guys tomorrow
- Jon


megan said...

Those are encouraging words:]
That's a neat thing that happened to you too. Rock out tonight!

May said...

totally awesome! my 25 y/o self is excited for you! ^_^