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Rocking out
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get up stand up

I saw this video on youtube last night and it really pissed me off. This I absolutely unacceptable! This kid was tasered for asking a question. They say that he was resisting arrest, but why the hell were they arresting him in the first place! Just because his question wasn’t your average pussy beat around the bush question. In my opinion, they had no right to put their hands on him in the first place. I can’t believe that people in the audience just stood there! This kid had his rights taken away from him and everyone just stood there like a bunch of pussy's. It’s unbelievable how quickly people accept the fact that they aren’t actually free to ask questions. These cops should all be fired.

CNN story

This next video hits a little closer to home. This very cop has harassed me and my girlfriend on numerous occasions. This is NOT an isolated incident. The entire precinct is a scam to make money. They should be shut down, and let real cops take over policing St. George.


Drew said...

Holy crap.. some cops are complete assholes. I can understand why they wanted the guy out of the room in the first video... but attacking/tasering him? What could possibly justify that?

as for the second video... that cop doesn't deserve his job. He went crazy with verbal harassment over something that wasn't a big deal. I dont understand why people like him think they should get respect when they don't give any in the first place. I hope the man who was arrested called the senator or whoever needs to be called to get that douche fired.

Anonymous said...

Wow, something like this happened to a guy I know. I don't know how they get by with that. I mean, a cousin of mine's a cop, and I think those tazers can come in handy in a dangerous situation, but seriously dude. The guy was just expressing his views. Is that a crime? Hell no! And all John Kerry did was stand there! That was the really annoying part.