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Rocking out
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Thursday, August 30, 2007


So if you read at some of my earlier blogs you will see that I bought some fish a while back. They all died really quickly. I was bummed about it and too damn lazy to clean out the tank. Yea that’s me alright. So I let it get pretty gross in there, and soon enough it became pretty close to a science project. Next thing I know, there is three little baby black fish swimming around and like I said, it was a virgin miracle birth. I figured they probably wouldn’t last long, plus I didn’t even know how to maintain the tank so I just left them alone. I’m an asshole!! So as the days went by, these poor little dudes were still swimming around while their mom was long dead. At that point I decided that I needed to throw out that entire mess of a tank and start over. So I put the fish in a white bowl with some tap water. I wasn’t really expecting them to last long and I didn’t want to fork over the money to buy a real tank. But, as days turned into weeks these little guys were still going strong!! They were getting bigger too. That’s when I decided it was time to reward these fish for putting up with my lazy ass for so long. I went and got them a new tank at Wal Mart, one that they will be comfortable in, and bought them a nice filter and a boat to sleep in. They totally sleep in it too! So to make a long story a little shorter, they are living large. I love these fish very much now. I’ve been feeding them and taking care of them like a real caretaker should. They were living in total shit, but held on only to be rewarded with the most kick ass setup they could ask for. The three of them stick together a lot too, which is pretty cool. I’m wondering. Will they breed if they are brother and sister?



May said...

probably. I think fish were smart enough to avoid evolving with moral dilemmas. ;)

ashley said...

that story had a happy ending.

megan said...

it goes to show you good things happen to good people [or fish in this case] haha.